In Stylist of the Month


Featured Artist/ Clare Gregory

Q: Tell us about your career so far

I trained by assisting other artists in fashion, film and advertising. I kinda learnt on the job, but I think that was the best way for me. This journey took me all over the UK working at London Fashion Week, on shoots for magazines like Vogue and iD as well as to film sets and big brand campaigns. Now I mainly work on films and commercials.

Q: What’s been your biggest challenge.

Getting into the industry was hard. There was a long time where I thought it was impossible. I worked for free or very little for about 3 years, assisting and trying to get any experience I could, alongside a full time job. It was a struggle but I was so determined. I soaked up every little bit of advice and guidance I could. Even if I wasn’t being paid in money, I felt like I was being paid in experience. It’s really given me a great work ethic now though.

Q: Who/what inspires you

My own personal style is very 90’s grunge/gothic so I love that era. I always look back to old runway shows and movies from the 90’s for inspiration. Lydia Deets is literally my biggest style icon!

Q: Who have you worked with?

Who haven’t I worked with! Haha not really. Back when I was assisting I did a shoot with Sam Bryant and Tim Walker that Kate Moss was styling, that was pretty cool. I’ve been really lucky and I’ve worked with loads of amazing artists and actors. I assisted on a shoot with Rankin for Dazed and Confused too which was fun, my boyfriend (a photographer) was very, very impressed with that!

Q: Best job.

I have to say it was a comedy horror film I designed last year called ‘Cannibals and Carpet Fitters’. The whole cast and crew were so much fun, the script was hilarious and the makeup was so, so fun to do. It was super hard work, 12+ hour days but every single day I was grateful. Even though I went home exhausted, I was happy to be doing my dream job.

Q: One word to describe you as an artist.


Q: What advice would you give to young artist staring out in the industry.

Work hard and say yes to every opportunity!